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Our ongoing conversation with God 
guides us in times of trouble 
and is central in following his will 
for our lives every day. 

We have a devoted and active prayer committee 
that offers many opportunities for us to pray 
and to learn to pray and listen better. 

Our healing services are an opportunity 
to meet God at the altar and have prayer 
for special
concerns in our lives. 
Some concerns are medical, 
others are about relationships, forgiveness,
 or a desire to know God better.
A team of pray-ers from the Prayer Committee help congregation members at the altar if they wish. 

Adult Prayer Group in the chapel:
    Wednesday evenings 5:00 - 6:00pm 
to pray using the list of prayer concerns 
submitted by our friends and members.

     Anyone can come in to pray 
whenever the building is open.

Your prayer concerns may be added to our prayer chain and prayer list here.

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